[TYPO3-core] RFC: Bug 689: Domain Record with umlaut Domains not working

Martin Kutschker Martin.Kutschker at n0spam-blackbox.net
Wed May 9 12:34:29 CEST 2007

Dmitry Dulepov schrieb:
 > Possible problems can be: (1) with characters like exclamation marks but
 > here we can hope for library updates and (2) extensions that use domain
 > record (like realurl but I am in charge of it so no problem)

I see a problem with charsets (see below). The code will if I read it 
correctly only work when the BE uses UTF8.

> Masi suggested to add user field to domain record to show punycode 
> version of domain name. It is good but I did not do it in this patch 
> because I am not sure where in the core such code can be placed.

No, I suggested storing the puny code in the domain table instead of doing 
the conversion again and again. Another reason is that IDNA works on UTF8, 
so any de-/encoding must take care of the current charset.

My idea:

For table sys_domains we add a hook implementaion that translates any user 
input into an IDNA domain (punycoo with ACE prefix). The hook will convert 
the current charset to UTF8 before applying the punyocde transformation if 
necessary. To make the table still accessible I would add a read-only field 
that shows the domain in UTF8.


PS: Could you repost the patch without the IDNA lib? The diff is much too 
large to find out what you have changed.

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