[TYPO3-core] Improved page tree (and lots of other fixes)

Michael Stucki michael at typo3.org
Mon Jul 30 08:28:17 CEST 2007

Hi Kasper,

> Feature 1: In this picture you see that I have added a little filter-
> box in the top of the page tree. When you type in letters here, a
> JavaScript function will search the DOM of the page and change the
> class for entries in the tree where the title doesn't match the typed
> string (case-insensitive). If there is no match the page title is
> dimmed. It automatically updates when AJAX changes the tree as well.
> (This is very nice if you have a huge page tree normally unfolded)

Indeed! :-)

> Feature 2: All pages that are not shown in the navigation menu is now
> grouped under the title "Not shown in menu (alphabetic)". Furthermore
> they are sorted alphabetically. This change was inspired by Dassault
> Systems who has maybe 100 pages on the root level in order to create
> nice urls (like http://3ds.com/campaign-name/) and only 8 of them
> actually shown in the menu. The actual navigation pages are easily
> lost track of. With this feature you see navigation-pages for
> themselves and all other pages for themselves - sorted alphabetically
> which we assume people would like to have it.

I like both changes, they seem to be really useful!

> Since I have everything in the same patch I would like to know if you
> agree to this idea and if so, I suggest that I commit it all in one go.

Yes, please do so. As Ingmar already suggested, we can make smaller
modifications later. So these comments below can also be discussed after
they are already committed:

> Here is the changelog for my complete patch:
> - Dual-preview for workspaces are only used now if the checkbox
> "Frontend Preview" is not checked.
> - Whole workspaces can be previewed now for users with no backend
> login by a simple link you can email. Same functionality as the
> preview link for individual pages available from the Web>Versioning
> module. The function is found in User>Workspace (Workspace manager)

Looks good. But why is there an echo "1" in $TSFE->ADMCMD_preview()?

> - Workspace "swapping" for "New"-placeholders and "Deleted"-Markers
> is now supported. Previously, both types would be published, not
> swapped. The change also means that effectively the difference
> between the value of "t3ver_state" being 1 or 2 is only cosmetic and
> the semantic depends on whether the field is set for a record being
> online or offline. TYPO3 core API is updated on the issue.

(just a note for myself) check.

> - RTEmagic images are now duplicated when records are copied/
> versioned in tcemain. This is a long awaited feature that solves the
> bug that RTE magic images shared between too records would result in
> both disappearing if the one was deleted. So its in fact a critical
> fix for workspaces.

Nice. This should really be backported, I will do it if nobody else will

> - Changed label "Draft versions" to "Workspace versions" - some found
> it more intuitive.

What I've noticed here is that in CM1 of the version module, this term is
still hardcoded (also changed by this patch). The locallang value should be

> (And the patch is attached if any of you care to study it)

I see that you have commented out the die() call at the beginning of
alt_main_new.php. However, since nothing else changed inside, you should
make sure this doesn't get changed.

> (Patch is almost complete; However, I will not submit the changes to
> "t3lib_db" that it documents and there are a few other minor changes)

The explain feature? Well, I remember we discussed this a while ago, but
nothing got changed yet. So just commit this one as-is, and I'll propose my
enhancements later on...

- michael
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