[TYPO3-core] RFC: including extJS in core

Ingo Renner typo3 at ingo-renner.com
Tue Jul 17 10:19:52 CEST 2007

Am 17.07.2007 um 09:49 schrieb Patrick Broens:

Hi Patrick,

thanks for your feedback!

> Tree:
> + More intuitive
> + Tooltip when dragging
> + Line that shows the position
> + Automatic expanding of the tree when hovering over a page which has
> subpages
> - No copying of pages or parts of the tree (must have)

I think that could be implemented as well:
* we could add a "toolbar" on top of the tree containing a button to  
switch between copy or move mode (this toolbar could also contain the  
filter input)
* or we could  do it as it is now, showing a popup menu after  
dropping the page
(while I'm not sure what the better option would be)

> Menu / Layout:
> + I'm in for a menu that the users know from other software
> + As I can see it now, everything is at the right place
> - Missing a reload for tree in 'view'

could go in the mentioned toolbar as well or get a button at the  
bottom like it is now

> - Caching part is too deep in menu. Users click this a lot

they're in the top menu to the left of the logout button, just not  
with the icons right now (prototype ;-)

> + 'Tools' > 'Logs'
> ~ Shortcuts could be managed in the menu like 'Bookmarks'

I though about putting them in the right sidebar like the clipboard.  
AFAIR Lasse and Jens also had skins/screens where they put stuff like  
that on the right.

> ~ Where did you plan to put 'Versioning', 'Workspace',

Just forgot to put them in the top menu, probably under Edit, View or  

> 'Functions'?


> ~ Although pulldowns are nice, you have to keep in mind what happens
> with long lists, for instance the extension manager. If somebody has a
> small screen, it needs to break up in two or more parts, depending on
> the height of the screen. This is not covered by extJS itself.

This should all happen in the center area as it is right now. In case  
you're talking about the Tools->Extensions Menu, this is meant to be  
place where Extensions can hook in their-self with little "BE  
application" modules (the category manager from tt_news 2.5 f.e.  
which is under web->functions or web->info currently)

> + Using framework instead of own written code
> ~ Do you have any plans of removing the currently used frameset?

There shall be no frames anymore - that's at least my hope. Right now  
the layout was made using extJS but I can imagine building it  
hardcoded in HTML+CSS as it basically doesn't change to improve  

> + Hide / Show sidebars
> Did you contact Jens Hoffmann about this as well?

sure ;-)

all the best

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