[TYPO3-core] RFC: IPmaskList check is triggered in CLI mode (descibed in a note in bug #5548)

Martin Kutschker Martin.Kutschker at n0spam-blackbox.net
Mon Jul 16 19:25:24 CEST 2007

Michael Stucki schrieb:
> No-brainer, +1

Commited to trunk, TYPO3_4-1, TYPO3_4-0.


PS: It'd be great if somebody would not only discuss the merits of some JS 
library, but would review pending patches, so the may be included in the 
next releases.

RFC: Bug #5838: cli_dispatch.phpsh not working with windows [trunk,4.1]
RFC: installer doesn't honour fourceCharset (bug #1358) [trunk,4.1]
RFC: Bug 5941: exact reason why db connect failed is missing [trunk,4.1]
RFC: CLI dispatcher doesn't work with CGI API [trunk, maybe 4.1]

And maybe some more, but this ones are easy and the IRRE related fixes I 
trust onto the original developers ;-)

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