[TYPO3-core] Improved page tree (and lots of other fixes)

Kasper Skårhøj kasper2007 at typo3.com
Thu Jul 12 11:23:10 CEST 2007

Hi Guys

I worked for Dassault some weeks back and did a lot of modifications  
to the core. Mainly those modifications regards the workspaces/ 
versioning parts of the core - and generally parts that I have  
created myself. I agreed with Stucki that I can just commit these  
changes with a "FYI" sent to the core list.

However, there is one change which is conceptual and I would like  
your approval of. See the attached screenshot:

Feature 1: In this picture you see that I have added a little filter- 
box in the top of the page tree. When you type in letters here, a  
JavaScript function will search the DOM of the page and change the  
class for entries in the tree where the title doesn't match the typed  
string (case-insensitive). If there is no match the page title is  
dimmed. It automatically updates when AJAX changes the tree as well.  
(This is very nice if you have a huge page tree normally unfolded)

Feature 2: All pages that are not shown in the navigation menu is now  
grouped under the title "Not shown in menu (alphabetic)". Furthermore  
they are sorted alphabetically. This change was inspired by Dassault  
Systems who has maybe 100 pages on the root level in order to create  
nice urls (like http://3ds.com/campaign-name/) and only 8 of them  
actually shown in the menu. The actual navigation pages are easily  
lost track of. With this feature you see navigation-pages for  
themselves and all other pages for themselves - sorted alphabetically  
which we assume people would like to have it.

Since I have everything in the same patch I would like to know if you  
agree to this idea and if so, I suggest that I commit it all in one go.

Here is the changelog for my complete patch:

- Dual-preview for workspaces are only used now if the checkbox  
"Frontend Preview" is not checked.
- Whole workspaces can be previewed now for users with no backend  
login by a simple link you can email. Same functionality as the  
preview link for individual pages available from the Web>Versioning  
module. The function is found in User>Workspace (Workspace manager)
- Workspace "swapping" for "New"-placeholders and "Deleted"-Markers  
is now supported. Previously, both types would be published, not  
swapped. The change also means that effectively the difference  
between the value of "t3ver_state" being 1 or 2 is only cosmetic and  
the semantic depends on whether the field is set for a record being  
online or offline. TYPO3 core API is updated on the issue.
- In the t3lib_cli class, optional parameters to CLI script options  
are supported (optional parameters are configured with [] brackets)
- Change in t3lib_refindex so setReferenceValue()
- RTEmagic images are now duplicated when records are copied/ 
versioned in tcemain. This is a long awaited feature that solves the  
bug that RTE magic images shared between too records would result in  
both disappearing if the one was deleted. So its in fact a critical  
fix for workspaces.
- The "lowlevel" cleaner scripts are updated to allow fixing of  
double-references to RTEmagic images (by duplicating them). Also the  
script allows to remove all "lost" RTEmagic images found inside  
uploads/ folder.
- Moving elements in FlexForms up and down is now fixed so it works  
even if indexes of elements in sections are not ordered numerically  
- Workspace titles are required to be unique now.
- File upload in the Web>File module will always result in  
redirection to the Filelist view of the target folder. This is a  
usability enhancement for people who were puzzled that it could  
redirect to other locations or a blank page (namely the previously  
shown page).
- The navigation page tree now has a nifty searchbox that uses  
JavaScript and the prototype library to search and highly/dim  
elements in the tree. Very handy for quickly finding your way in huge  
page trees. (I think there is a stylesheet problem with Firefox on PC  
which doesn't dim elements).
- The navigation page tree is organized so that all pages shown in  
the menu are grouped in their normal order while pages not in menu  
and sysFolders and ordered alphabetically below.
- User > Workspace module now has a browser-functionality so only 50  
versions are shown at a time and you can browse the list.
- Changed label "Draft versions" to "Workspace versions" - some found  
it more intuitive.

(And the patch is attached if any of you care to study it)

(Patch is almost complete; However, I will not submit the changes to  
"t3lib_db" that it documents and there are a few other minor changes)

- kasper

NOTICE: NEW EMAIL for 2007: kasper2007 at typo3.com

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