[TYPO3-core] RFC: Feature #2540: t3lib_db add possible of recursive mm queries

Steffen Kamper steffen at sk-typo3.de
Sun Dec 30 22:23:41 CET 2007

"ingo schmitt" <mailinglisten at i-schmitt.de> schrieb im Newsbeitrag 
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> This is an SVN patch request
> Type: Feature
> Bugtracker reference:
> http://bugs.typo3.org/view.php?id=2540
> Branches:
> Trunk only
> Problem:
> Currently the t3lib_db allows M:M queries only to different database
> tables but not to the same table. This is handy, if you are builing tree
> relations like in commerce and other extension with own trees.
> Solution:
> The attached patch addes a new method to t3lib_db which allows recursive
> queries. This is done by prefixing one of the tables in the query by ft
> and passing the new data to the exiting exec_SELECT_mm_query.
> Therfore a change in the DBAL Classes is not needed!
> Comments:
> The original patch was revied by Michael Stucki, Karsten Dambekalns,
> Thomas Hempel during the T3DD07, but was somhow not commited to trunk.
> Greetings from Neukirchen,
> Ingo
> -- 
> Ingo Schmitt                        mailto:is at marketing-factory.de
> Marketing Factory Consulting GmbH   http://typo3.marketing-factory.de/
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Hi Ingo,

just a question - why should it not possible to use same table double ? If i 
look to SELECT_mm_query, there is the possibility, and beginning of the 
function there is this:

if($foreign_table == $local_table) {
   $foreign_table_as = $foreign_table.uniqid('_join');

vg  Steffen

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