[TYPO3-core] RFC #6957: Remove bottom button panel in alt_doc.php

Benjamin Mack mack at xnos.org
Sat Dec 15 16:30:45 CET 2007

Hey guys,

Dmitry Dulepov [typo3] wrote:
> May break XCLASSes?
I thought that too.

> What about keeping it in 4.2 with "trigger_error('This option is
> obsolete and should not be used any more')" and removing in 4.3? Just
> an idea. Not that I insist, we can remove it as well. Just thought
> trigger_error() is more developer-friendly then "call to
> non-existing..."
I could agree with that. But what about having a good way of doing this, 
we need something like "@deprecated since TYPO3 4.2, remove in TYPO3 
4.4", then before 4.4 I can do a "grep" to find the lines of the 
functions that I can remove?

We need a good (and well documented) solution on how to take care of 
deprecated functions.

What do you think (and: how should I change my patch accordingly)?


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