[TYPO3-core] RFC: Splitting CMS-TCA into several files (clean up)

Malte Jansen mail at maltejansen.de
Wed Dec 5 12:05:51 CET 2007


Dmitry Dulepov [typo3] schrieb:
> Hi!
> Malte Jansen wrote:
>> After some benchmarks it (justing including the new-files and 
>> including the old ones)
>> New (loading 7 different files): ~20-30ms
>> Old (loading 6 times the same file and once the tt_content): ~70-100ms
> How did you profile it?

I only made small check with microtime() with echo $stop-$start.
I have tested it on Apache2 with WinXP with 1,7GHz 512MB.

So if you have a big page with many users (fe,be) it gains more and more 

(I hope this is what you mean)

>> So it's clear thar including different small files is faster than 
>> including 6 times the same big file.
> Why do you need to icnlude the same file 6 times? Cannot you include it 
> just once? :)

Because you always load the same file 'dynamicConfigFile' => 
in the sysext/cms/ext_tables.php.

So if you splitting this file you only have to load the part you need. 
So you include 6 times 24KB and not just 6 times ~4-5KB.



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