[TYPO3-core] RFC: Feature #4064 - Navigation title in tree view

Thomas Hempel thomas at typo3-unleashed.de
Thu Aug 30 09:29:46 CEST 2007


>>> I thought of this when I wrote the last patch version. I will add that.
>> See patch version 4 attached to this post.
>> This is applicable for most recent trunk (after Kaspers patches).
> The patch still contains a few bugs:
> 1. you "fixed" the wrong "labele" into "lable", but "label" would be correct
Oops. You're right. I changed that.

> 2. t3lib_div::fixed_lgd_cs($row['nav_title'],$titleLen)
>    => all output of this function must be htmlspecialchar'ed (occurs more
>       than only once!)
I added that.

See patch version 5 attached to this post. I hope this is the final one now.


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