[TYPO3-core] status of 4.2alpha1

Ingmar Schlecht ingmar at typo3.org
Sat Aug 18 20:47:07 CEST 2007

Thanks for the status report, Ingo!


Ingo Renner wrote:
> Hi all,
> as you might have noticed alpha1 is still not out. Here're the reasons
> and thoughts:
> The main reason is that we just don't have enough features we can hand
> out for testing yet.
> I wrote that I'd go and commit Kasper's changes to the page tree which I
> couldn't do in the end as he went on vacation without sending his
> revised patches to this list.
> I also wanted to wait for some other features like the TS editor or the
> new installer which weren't ready at the end of last month. I asked
> Thomas to come up with whatever he has until now, so please have a look
> at it as he sent his current code already.
> So we'll push alpha1 back until at least those things are in the core
> I'd say. All other release dates will probably have to get pushed back
> equally.
> Then I'd like to remind what features we planed for the 4.2 release [1]
> and which haven't been started yet, either:
> * utf8 by default for new installations
> * drop php4 support, require php5.2
> * css_styled_content improvements
> * performance improvements
> There're also some other features left on the 4.2 development page [1]
> in the wiki which do not have assignees yet. PLease have a look and
> assign yourself by moving the ideas up to the planed features section
> followed by your name until Friday August 24th.
> In case you can't come up with the things you might have added to the
> wiki page for 4.2 please move it to the bugtracker and remove it from
> the 4.2 development page.
> You can then hand in a proposal for sponsoring requests with
> descriptions and expected time requirements like it was done with 4.0.
> It's then planed to set up a sponsoring platform for the public at t3o
> for this matter.
> [1] http://wiki.typo3.org/index.php/4.2_Development
> all the best
> Ingo

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