[TYPO3-core] Installer 2.0 status

Thomas Hempel thomas at work.de
Tue Aug 14 12:20:39 CEST 2007

Hi *,

Ingo asked me for a short status report about the new installer. Okay, here we go.

First of all I want to make clear what I mean when I say "installer" or "setup". One of the very 
first decision concerning the installer was, that it has to be split up into two seprate things.
The first incarnation is the "installer". This is what you know as 1-2-3 mode in older versions. The 
second one is the "setup". This will replace the current "Tool>Install" module in the backend.

The reason to do this, is that we thought that "Install" ist not the right term for a section in the 
system where you mainly setup things instead of installing them. The installation was only done in 
the 1-2-3 mode.
The long term goal is to concentrate all settings in the setup module. The would have the big 
advantage that all settings from system can be found in one place. And the setup module will by the 
way provide some very neat features for organizing and providing settings.

I want to give you a small idea of what we want to do with the first release:
- modulization
	- each section in the setup will be provided by a single module
	- each module provides various options that can be edited in the setup and/or installer
		- each option has a category to organize it inside a tree
		- each option has tags to make it easier to find
	- each module provides various methods for checking things in the setup and/or installer
	- The installer-framework will handle the instanciation of classes and method calls

- multilingualism
	- each module brings it's own locallang.xml file with labels for each option and method
		(It's not decided how these things will be translated!)

The current status is, that the new framework is basically working.
A first rudimentary implementation of a database module is ready. The old 1-2-3 module was 
reimplemented as a module called "installer".
Well, the installer module does a bit more than the old 1-2-3 mode. Some smaller steps where added 
in the process to make it possible to select language for installation and create a custom admin 
account instead of the default admin:password combination.

Some parts of the code where used from the old implementation. Mainly the parts that import the 
initial database dump. Therefore t3lib_install is used.

I attached the first revision of the installer with this mail. You can use it as local or system 
extension. Setup a fresh dummy / source combi and call the installtion in your browser. The new 
installer should start immediately.
You can also use the SVN checkout from typo3xdev on SF.net; the key is tx_install.

Because I'm very deep inside the project it's absolutely possible that I forgot to mention many 
important and/or interesting things. It's also possible that nobody understand what I do here, so 
please ask if you have questions!

Wiki-Page: http://wiki.typo3.org/index.php/Install-Tool_2.0

Here are some pages where I published further information about the Installer project:


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