[TYPO3-core] RFC: Feature Request 2830: imgResource doesn't support stdWrap on minW and minH

Oliver Hader oh at inpublica.de
Tue Aug 7 14:55:25 CEST 2007

This is a SVN patch request.

The imgResource porperties "minW" and "minH" don't support stdWrap
functionality - but "maxW" and "maxH" do.

Add/allow stdWrap support for "minW" and "minH" in tslib_cObj.

This issue was on the bugtracker for some "days".
The patch was written by Peter Niederlag.
This RFC is titled as a feature, but since maxW/maxH support stdWrap and
minW/minH don't it could also be seen as a missing feature/bugfix.

Documentation changes:
In doc_core_tsref -> Functions -> imgResource:
* Property: "minW"
  Data type: "pixels" --> "pixels / stdWrap"
* Property: "minH"
  Data type: "pixels" --> "pixels / stdWrap"

Bugtracker references:

* Trunk
* TYPO3_4-1 (this one only, if you look at it as missing feature/bugfix)

Oliver Hader
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