[TYPO3-core] RFC: Add new property TSFE.jumpURL_HTTPStatusCode

Thorsten Kahler thorsten.kahler at dkd.de
Mon Apr 30 10:24:00 CEST 2007

Hi Michael,

Michael Stucki wrote on 28.04.2007 22:36:
> Solution:
> Add a new property "TSFE.jumpURL_HTTPStatusCode" to Page TSconfig.

two annotations:

1) I'd prefer using an array access instead of a switch statement, but it
would need another two variables (see attached diff).

2) The getPagesTSConfig() methods in tslib_fe and t3lib_BEfunc only differ
very slightly: In t3lib_BEfunc the rootline represents the full rootline (up
to pages ID 0) while in tslib_fe the FE rootline is used and in t3lib_BEfunc
the BE_USER TS optionally overrides the pages TS.

IMO tslib_fe::getPagesTSConfig() should be a wrapper of
t3lib_BEfunc::getPagesTSConfig() provided that
a) the existence of a valid BE_USER object is checked
b) we agree that the inheritance of pages TS does work the same way in FE as
it does in BE - and that's what the documentation already states [1]

My suggestion: move the method from t3lib_BEfunc to t3lib_div, add the check
for BE user and make tslib_fe::getPagesTSConfig() a wrapper for

Alternative: add an annotation to doc_core_tsconfig



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