[TYPO3-core] 4.0.3 next week?

Michael Stucki michael at typo3.org
Tue Oct 31 15:11:14 CET 2006

Hi folks,

sorry for being so silent in the past few weeks. A lot of discussion
happened meanwhile, I'm currently reading through all of them...

If there is something urgent that requires my feedback, please ask again. I
might have overlooked that.

Unfortunately I'm late with asking, but still I would like to know if you
agree that we need 4.0.3 now.

In my opinion, there are quite some changes in fixed in Subversion already,
but there are some more important issues left. I have fixed some of them,
some more (e.g. IE7 compatibility) still needs to be done.

We could release 4.0.3-rc1 immediately, but on the other side there is
nothing which is really urgent. Therefore I would like to wait until some
of these patches are ready (I'll post them right next) instead of waiting
another month for them.

After all I expect that we can roll out a new RC in three days from now.

- Do you want 4.0.3-rc1 now or do you accept to wait three more days?
- Are there any important issues which are not resolved yet?
- Which ones?

Thanks for a quick feedback
- michael
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