[TYPO3-core] What's missing for 4.0.1?

Michael Stucki michael at typo3.org
Fri Jul 28 01:59:08 CEST 2006

Ben van't Ende has discovered a bug related with the 404 handling. Since it
caused his server to make endless loops, I consider it critical. Notice
that this functionality was different in 4.0!

For now I will wait for feedbacks of Dmitry, Ernesto and Masi (they have
been informed by Ben) because they are more familar with the problem than I

Please look at this as soon as possible so we can roll out 4.0.1 tomorrow

- michael

Michael Stucki wrote:

> After a week of no feedback, I want to release 4.0.1.
> Is there anything missing from your side?
> In my opinion, the compatVersion thingy which I just discovered should be
> changed. I will write a patch for this, but please be ready for testing it
> as soon as possible.
> Is there anything left? According to the bugtracker, there were no new
> bugs in RC1.
> I also wonder if the typo3_src+dummy.zip package was used by anyone? Do we
> need this at all, or should it be removed again?
> Thanks for your comments
> - michael

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