[TYPO3-core] SVN branches & stuff -- was: Re: Bug 3552: Uninitialized array causes problems in PHP5

Michael Stucki michael at typo3.org
Thu Jul 20 15:40:21 CEST 2006

Dmitry Dulepov wrote:

> Martin Kutschker wrote:
>> Wolfgang Klinger schrieb:
>>>  btw: what about an "experimental" branch where we commit everything we
>>>  post here as patch request, so everybody simply has to svn update to
>>>  get the changes to test?
> Good idea. It will be much easier to test: just update from repo instead
> of download-patch/apply.

If you think it's needed and if Andreas wants to help you - why not. However
I think it is a very very small task to apply a patch locally. I wouldn't
like it if I had to pick out all the diffs manually.

So in case we start with such a branch: Please don't stop attaching patches
here :-)

>> Do you want an experimental branch for each branch (bug fixes for 4.0)
>> or only for new features (trunk).
> For HEAD I think.

HEAD is different in SVN. HEAD is "trunk" now. Additionally, every branch
has its own HEAD which reflects the latest version of this branch.

So what we used to call TYPO3_4-0 is now called the "HEAD revision of
TYPO3_4-0" (still the same in some way of course).

But what we used to call HEAD is now called "HEAD of trunk".

Hope this clarifies.

- michael
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