[TYPO3-core] In case of authentication troubles

Andreas Otto ao-lists at php4win.de
Thu Jul 20 09:58:25 CEST 2006

Hi there,

in case of problems authenticating against the SF.net server the following 
announcement from SF.net might help to clear things up.

( 2006-07-13 09:23:52 - Project CVS Service, Project Shell Service, Project 
Subversion (SVN) Service, SourceForge.net Web Site  )   A recent kernel 
exploit was released that allowed a non admin user to escalate privileges on 
the host pr-shell1. We urge all users who frequent this host to change their 
password immediately and check their project group space for any tampering. 
As a precaution, we have blocked access to all project resources by password 
until the user resets their password. After the password has been reset, 
project resources should be accessible within 5 minutes.

So in one word, try to logon to SF.net at their login page [2] using your 
SF.net username and password. If that fails, click on the link "Lost your 
Password" [3]. Follow the instructions and wait for the confirmation eMail to 

At least this worked in my case.



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