[TYPO3-core] OT: Strange(?) SVN behaviour

Michael Stucki michael at typo3.org
Mon Jul 10 22:06:24 CEST 2006

Hi Peter,

> > Fine, so we are using revision 1606, right? So let's make an update:
> afaik this ^^ only means the main directory is on this revision 1606.
> since info is not recursive(!) subdirectories might be on a different
> revision?

Well, I'm quite sure you are wrong here. In SVN, a revision reflects the state 
of _all_ files and directories combined together. One change in a single file 
causes a new revision number for the whole project.

> for example it could be that t3lib/config_default.php is on revision
> 1612 or similar.
> > | mstucki at nb02:~/1/typo3_4-0$ svn up
> > | U    ChangeLog
> > | U    typo3/mod/user/ws/index.php
> > | Aktualisiert zu Revision 1615.
> >
> > Fine, as you can see two files were updated, and the new revision is
> > 1615.
> there have been more changes than this between 1606 and 1615 so some
> subdirectories must have been on another revision than 1606 on
> beforehand. other than that: no idea. ;(

Meanwhile I found the reason of the problem:

When I committed some changes on Friday evening, the information in all .svn 
directories had not been updated. With the help of the ChangeLog history, I 
found out that my last commit (I made three in total) was revision 1610.

So what I did was to run "svn update -r 1610", and interestingly there were no 
changes except that the revision was changed.

From that point, all went fine like I expected it.

The only thing that seems necessary to know is that right after a commit, you 
should update from the server to get the .svn directories in synch again.

> BTW: why don't u use 'svn status --remote-updates', I find this far more
> important and never used info yet.

Because I didn't find this in my docs:

| mstucki at nb02:~/src/svn/typo3/typo3_4-0$ svn status --remote-updates
| svn: invalid option: --remote-updates 
| Type 'svn help' for usage. 

Obviously my version (1.2.3) is outdated. I'll try updating...

Regards, michael
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