[TYPO3-core] option frame is broken in new skin (bug #3085)

Martin Kutschker martin.kutschker-n0spam at no5pam-blackbox.net
Sat Jul 1 20:03:39 CEST 2006


Install t3skin and disable "show senodary options". Now have a look at 
the ugly option frame in Web>Page.

This is how Ernesto proposes to fix the bug:

The attached patch should fix the most annoying part of the problem. 
There are still some "positioning" trouble (as IE has different sized 
select-box than FF), but at least now its usable.

The patch fixes three issues:

1) The widget for adding links that has a hyperlink icon besides 
consists of a table. These "nested tables" inherited some values from 
the top table that were simply wrong, causing all the trouble. Adding 
the correct ID in the css to the table resolves that problem.

2) The checkboxes had a background applied that is not consistent with 
the background color of  the top frame. The fix transforms this to
"transparent" for the top palette. I'm not even sure why we need
background color around checkboxes, but that's another (non visible)

3) Every widget has an optional help-icon added. With the lack of help
text, a "nbsp" was being added. This won't work in the skinned css for 
the "nested table" situation: The "nbsp" would wrap to a second line,
misaligning the whole table. Solution was to add a class around this 
nbsp and have that disappear in the t3skin stylesheet.

I suggest also to use a larger "header image" for the option frame. I 
hope the attached images make it through the news/list (if not they are 
attached to the bug).

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