[TYPO3-core] CVS to SVN Migration

Michael Stucki michael at typo3.org
Sat Jul 1 00:13:18 CEST 2006

Hi Andreas,

finally I have merged my local branch with the latest CVS changes of all
branches, also including the "CoreDocs" subproject of course.

>From now on I would like to ask everybody to _not_ commit any changes so
they don't get lost between the migration downtime (I'm not an expert, just
thinking that this may happen).

Instead, just write me an email with the subject "CVS COMMIT", attach the
ChangeLog entries and the patch you would have committed. I will then take
care of the rest.

Andreas, many thanks for taking care of this important task. I appreciated
your committment very much when we finally got CVS for TYPO3 thanks to you,
and today I'm looking forward that TYPO3 switches to an even better
versioning system which seems to be even more promising.

Good luck for the migration!

Regards, michael

> Hi,
> it is now quite a while that SF.net started offering SVN services.
> During the last two weeks I figured out together with SF.net staff [1] and
> the available documentation on SF.net how to utilize their services and
> what we need to do on our end to migrate the CVS repository to Subversion.
> Reading through the documentation it became clear that we will not have
> ACLs anymore. SF.net are researching ways to offer ACLs for SVN services
> as well but not in the near future.
> In case we agree that we migrate from CVS to SVN I have provided a draft
> for a migration roadmap.
> Depending on the SVN import queue on SF.net this can take a day or up to a
> week and longer. I was not able to find a more precise figure but my
> estimate is quite pessimistic.
> The Roadmap (Start 2006-07-01):
> Develeopment freeze (TYPO3)
> |-- Revoke CVS permission (TYPO3)
> |   `-- Activate SVN on SF.net (TYPO3)
> |-- Arrange quota on SF.net shell service (TYPO3, SF.net)
> |-- Rsync backup (TYPO3)
>     `-- Create SVN dump files (TYPO3)
>         `-- Upload SVN dump files (TYPO3)
>             `-- Import SVN dump files (TYPO3)
>                 `-- Process import queue (SF.net)
>                     `-- Grant SVN permission (TYPO3)
> Regarding the quota for SF.net shell service we are talking about a soft
> quota which means we can use more space than the allowed 100MB but any
> data in excess will be wiped without warning if we have not informed
> SF.net before.
> The start date is debatable and should be after the relase of version
> 4.0.1. If that matches 2006-07-01, fine.
> The SVN dump files will be created with cvs2svn [2] so that they will
> import nicely into SF.net. The switches used for creating the dump files
> are -q, --dump-only, --dumpfile.
> Local tests have shown no problems creating and importing the SVN dump
> files.
> The TYPO3core dump file will be about 450 to 500 MB large.
> The SVN repository layout will ideally like:
> module1/
>  |-- branches
>  |-- tags
>  `-- trunk
>  module2/
>  |-- branches
>  |-- tags
>  `-- trunk
> I will be on the road during Thursday and Friday so take your time to
> think about the migration concept and send your ideas and comments.
> [2]<http://cvs2svn.tigris.org/cvs2svn.html>
> Cheers,
> Andreas

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