[TYPO3-core] RFC: classes for List module ignore BACK_PATH

Franz Holzinger franz at fholzinger.com
Wed Dec 20 13:00:47 CET 2006

Hello Dmitry,

> Solution: add $this->backPath (in one place it is $this->doc->backPath) 
> where necessary.
> List module works ok after such change.
> I really home it comes to both branches (bug fix!) and comes fast 
> (pretty obvious fix). Currently TemplaVoila needs this thing ASAP and I 
> really hate to copy half of List module functions to TemplaVoila just to 
> fix this bug...

this is obviously a very important improvement.

Please add this line:

require_once ($BACK_PATH.'class.db_list.inc');
require_once ($BACK_PATH.'class.db_list_extra.inc');

This is needed for enhancing the thing with a class derived from it.

Also this should not remain:

still missing here:
height="12"').' title="'.$LANG->getLL('newRecordGeneral',1).'"
alt="" />'.

and here:
height="12"').' title="'.$LANG->getLL('clip_paste',1).'" alt="" />'.

why this $GLOBALS["BACK_PATH"]?
'<img'.t3lib_iconWorks::skinImg($GLOBALS["BACK_PATH"],'gfx/goback.gif','width="14" height="14"').' title="'.$LANG->sL('LLL:EXT:lang/locallang_core.php:labels.goBack',1).'" alt="" />'.

missing here and many more t3lib_iconWorks::skinImg:

title="'.$GLOBALS['LANG']->sL('LLL:EXT:lang/locallang_core.php:labels.upOneLevel',1).'" alt="" /></a>':'';


	// "Edit" link: ( Only if permissions to edit the page-record of the
content of the parent page ($this->id)
if ($permsEdit)	{
	$code = '<a href="#" onclick="'.htmlspecialchars(t3lib_BEfunc::editOnClick($params,'',-1)).'" title="'.$LANG->getLL('edit',1).'">'.


$code = '<a href="#"
$this->backPath,-1)).'" title="'.$LANG->getLL('edit',1).'">'.

It would even be better if also XCLASSing would be possible:


 require ('mod/web/list/conf.php');
 require ('init.php');
 require ('template.php');
-require_once (PATH_t3lib.'class.t3lib_page.php');
-require_once (PATH_t3lib.'class.t3lib_pagetree.php');
-require_once (PATH_t3lib.'class.t3lib_recordlist.php');
-require_once (PATH_t3lib.'class.t3lib_clipboard.php');
-require_once ('class.db_list.inc');
-require_once ('class.db_list_extra.inc');
+require_once ('class.db_list_base.inc');

And all the code of the class SC_db_list should come into a new file.
Then someone could write a derived class of it and replace it using

  * @package TYPO3
  * @subpackage core
-class SC_db_list {
+class SC_db_list extends db_list_base {
-		// Internal, GPvars:
-	var $id;					// Page Id for which to make the listing
-	var $pointer;				// Pointer - for browsing list of records.
-	var $imagemode;				// Thumbnails or not
-	var $table;					// Which table to make extended listing for
-	var $search_field;			// Search-fields
-	var $search_levels;			// Search-levels
-	var $showLimit;			

So please, integrate all of these or tell me if you need assistance.

- Franz

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