[TYPO3-core] Making use of the cli dispatcher script

Ernesto Baschny [cron IT] ernst at cron-it.de
Thu Dec 14 16:45:16 CET 2006

Andreas Otto wrote: on 14.12.2006 15:36:

> On Thursday, 14. December 2006 14:22, Martin Kutschker wrote:
>> In the Core and in extensions there are a few CLIs. Now they are called
>> *.phpsh. I think the intention was to make them callable via the
>> dispatcher.
>> I suggest that they are renamed to *.t3exe or *.t3cli. And instead of the
>> old initialization code we have this:
> Why can't we just name them *.php?

Probably because they shouldn't be called by the Webserver. I would call
them *.cli.php. Benefits:

- would allow nice syntax highlighting for most editors that support the
".php" file extension
- would not throw out the source code to someone that points to that
file using the web browser, but instead display the "die()" comment from
Martin's suggestion

So +1 for Martin's suggestion, and +1 for any name ending with "*.php"
but having some hint that they shouldn't be called directly from the
webbrowser (e.g. "*.cli.php"). -1 for any other ending.


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