[TYPO3-core] RFC: Bug 3973: pageNotFound_handling=TRUE is interpreted as url

Michael Stucki michael at typo3.org
Thu Aug 24 14:48:39 CEST 2006

I have added a "TODO"-comment above that line.

Committed to TYPO3_4-0 and Trunk.

- michael

>> Problem:
>> With pageNotFound_handling set to "TRUE", a nonexistent url is redirected
>> to http://www.example.com/true or http://www.example.comtrue/.
>> Solution:
>> If the value is "TRUE" (string), convert it to the boolean value TRUE.
>> Branches:
>> TYPO3_4-0 / Trunk
> Hm, yes.
> But it looks to me more like a workaround. The install tool should make it
> a boolean. Anyway +1, but could you add a note to Trunk that this may go
> when the installer handles data types correctly?
> Masi

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