[TYPO3-core] RFC: Content slide core integration

Bernhard Kraft kraftb at kraftb.at
Sat Sep 17 18:40:43 CEST 2005

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Martin Kutschker wrote:

> Without looking at the code:
> Can the behaviour be limited to one (or more) columns?

Of course. The proper usage would be:

temp.contentArea.subparts.rightColumn < styles.content.getRight
# slide 3 levels back
temp.contentArea.subparts.rightColumn.slide = 3	

> How does it work with the various i18n (fallback) modes? Remember, a translated page may inherit it's content form the default language.

The tt_content i18n modes work as expected. With the page i18n modes/language overlay it currently
behaves this way that it displays all the contents from the language in which it can display the actual
one. Meaning if default is english extra is german and for the actual page there is no german version
it will fall back on all pages to english while sliding back.

If required a "mixLanguages" switch could get added to the slide-config array. But this would require
a change in class.tslib_fe.php.

> And do we really need this in the Core? It's a nice feature, I have code somthing similar myself (though my sliding content lived in its own table).

Well. I was asked by Michael that I shall integrate the extensions listed on the wiki page into the
core. I don't think the sliding feature is a must but as it doesn't really affect speed (just a few
assignments extra when sliding disabled) I tought it would not harm ... In my opinion it doesn't
matter if it get's into the core ...

- -1 for inclusion from you Martin (I guess)
and probably +1 from Michael

others :)

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