[TYPO3-core] Gremlin #1643: Shortcuts to pages are shown in the shortcut panel - although the user has no access to them

Michael Stucki michael at typo3.org
Tue Nov 29 00:22:24 CET 2005

Thanks Sebastian and Karsten for your feedbacks.
Because my patch is slightly breaking the compatibility, I would still like
to have a quick feedback from Kasper.

Please notice, that

a) a few labels have been dropped and a few others have been added
b) all groups are now displayed by default. the need to be hided
c) User TSconfig: The "shortcutGroups" array will still work but all numbers
have been assigned to one default label (I choosed some reasonable ones)
instead of "GLOBAL [1-5]"

User TSconfig:

=Array of integers/strings
=Set shortCutGroups that can be accessed by the user.

By default, 5 default groups will be defined globally (shared, can only be
set by admins) and also for each user (personal shortcuts):
1: Pages
2: Records
3: Files
4: Tools
5: Miscellaneous

Set 0 to disable one of these group IDs, 1 to enable it (this is the
default) or "string" to change the label accordingly.

shortcutGroups {
    2=My Group
Shortcut group 1 is loaded with the default value (Pages), group 2 is loaded
and labeled as "My Group" and group 3 is disabled. Groups 4 and 5 have not
been set, so they will be displayed by default, just like group 1.
(Attached the same patch again, didn't change anything)

Regards, michael

> Hi Michael,
> I checked the patch and tested it - works like a charm.
> Good work!
> +1
> Sebastian

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