[TYPO3-core] Idea for a new USER object

Kasper Skårhøj kasper2005 at typo3.com
Mon Nov 14 14:48:32 CET 2005

I'm fine with this. You must make a proper description for TSref and send to 
Michael Stucki,

- kasper

On Saturday 12 November 2005 21:54, Martin Kutschker wrote:
> Hi!
> Currently we have USER and USER_INT objects.
> For semi-static plugins we have to use USER objects with cHash for the
> cached contents, but have to disable caching completely for the dynamic
> contents.
> I propose therefor a new object called USER_EXT. This object may run either
> as USER or as USER_INT depending on it's own choice.
> When it works as USER object it simply returns a string as usuasl. But if
> it wants to work as USER_INT it returns FALSE. We add a special config
> variable to its configuration, so that it knows on its next run that it has
> to work as USER_INT (ie from the page cache.
> This should in theory speed up all pages with semi-dynamic contents as page
> caching is not disabled completely.
> I've attached a modified version of tslib_cObj->USER that implements this
> idea.
> Masi

- kasper

Think future, not feature

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