[TYPO3-core] RFC: remove depreciated static items before 4.0 (bug#1804)

Michael Stucki michael at typo3.org
Sun Nov 13 03:14:25 CET 2005

Kasper Skårhøj wrote:

>> -1 from me for any solution that makes manual correction of the template
>> records necessary.
> Me too.
> I sometimes feel a very eager spirit of wanting to throw things away. The
> factual side is almost always a good case, but my policy is that changes
> that requires large amounts of manual updates are either bundled in one
> release - or completely banned all together.

I agree, BUT:

This change is something that is not requiring manual changes IF there would
be an upgrade assistant that can perform some automated steps.

I woul like to see such a tool as soon as possible, and if we had it ready
in 4.0, I wouldn't mind to make (even such a big change) now.

> In the light of version 5.0 and what that promises from the roadmap I'm
> inclined to postpone such radical updates to that version.

I think this is still true for all things that cannot be solved without
manual interaction.

- michael
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