[TYPO3-core] Gremlin 1660: typolink should support the title attribute

Jan-Erik Revsbech jer at moccompany.com
Sat Nov 12 15:07:12 CET 2005

Peter Niederlag wrote:
>> Specifying the title of an a tag genereated by typolink can be done with 
>> the ATagParams parameter to typolink. Is this not good enough enough? Or 
>> will it be better with a specific title attribute which perhaps has 
>> stdWrap properties?
>> Comments anyone?
> Since ATagParams are getting .stdWrap-properties already (sorry no link,
> but according to posting on content-rendering by Ernesto) I would assume
> everything is fine.
> Could it be, that the bug/gremlin you are woking on also wants to see
> support for the title-attribut in the <link> tag? That would make sense
> imho.

Yes agreed, that would make sense. I'll try to contact the author og the 
gremlin and see what was meant. But even so, is it a feature that I should 
look into? Is it not more related to the RTE to be able to insert title 
tags. The TYPO3 HTMLParser should handle title in link tags as well, but I 
suppose the RTE needs an interface to insert the title tag. Or did I miss 
the point completely?

Jan-Erik Revsbech 

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