[TYPO3-core] typo3/tab.js shouldn't focus textareas

Michael Stucki michael at typo3.org
Wed Nov 9 15:12:40 CET 2005

Hi Ingmar,

just wanted to say that I fully agree with your patch. Already wanted to do
the same but didn't commit it yet. Thanks for doing it!

- michael

> Hi guys,
> This is a CVS patch request.
> Type: Bugfix
> Description:
> The tab.js that Stucki put into HEAD gives focus to the textarea after
> making it tabbing-enabled. Problem is: When you e.g. create a new BE
> user record, the tab.js gives focus to the TSConfig textarea, which is
> at the bottom of the form, so the page is scrolled down to the very
> bottom which is not desired. Fix: Remove the line from tab.js which
> focusses the textarea.
> Branches: HEAD
> cheers
> Ingmar

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