[TYPO3-core] showpic.php bug

Ingmar Schlecht ingmar at typo3.org
Tue Nov 8 18:36:16 CET 2005

The bugfix to this one should IMHO also go into TYPO3_3_8.

I've seen a couple of sites spitting out DB error messages in 
showpic.php, would be great if it was fixed in 3.8.1.

Who's going to do the merge?


Bernhard Kraft wrote:
> Hallo you,
> Recently I discovered a bug in showpic.php. There is a call to 
> TYPO3_DB->sql_pconnect(...) but then there is no
> database selected.
> Normally you wont notice this error if you havent turned debug messages 
> on in class.t3lib_db.php ... But when you
> turn this on it also does not happen all the time :) I guess this is 
> because of the persistent database connection.
> At least if you enable DB debugging and then open a few Click-2-Enlarge 
> popups you will notice that there are debug/error
> messages sometimes.
> This is no serious bug as the only result is that image-sizes are not 
> cached ...
> See the attaced diff for the fix and tell me if I can apply it.
> greets,
> Bernahrd

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