[TYPO3-core] Better filenames for TYPO3 "http" log

Michael Stucki michael at typo3.org
Thu Jul 14 10:08:32 CEST 2005

Martin Kutschker wrote:

> This is a CVS patch request.
> Type: New feature
> Description:
> This patch uses the t3lib_cs-translietartion for filenames instead of
> replacing all non-ascii chars with underscores.
> Branches: HEAD
> Bugtracker reference: http://bugs.typo3.org/view.php?id=1152
> Files:
> class.tslib_fe.php-niceStatFileNames.patch

The patch is fine, but I think you should make the translation configurable
since it slows down every(!) page request (maybe it makes sense to use it
only if forceCharset is set?)

- michael
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