[TYPO3-mvc] Testing entity equality with PHPUNIT

Henrik Møller Rasmussen info at hmrdesign.dk
Tue Mar 13 11:18:09 CET 2012

And 1 min after writing here I found a solution :)


$this->account = 

$this->account->_set('uid', 1);

echo $this->account->getUid();

Hint: The array('dummy') paramter makes the difference.

 From PHPUNIT docs:
When the second (optional) parameter is provided, only the methods whose 
names are in the array are replaced with a configurable test double. The 
behavior of the other methods is not changed.


Den 13/03/12 11.00, Henrik Møller Rasmussen skrev:
> Hi,
> I've just started using the PHPUNIT extension to test some Extbase
> models and I have a question regarding entity equality testing.
> Lets say I have a service that takes in two entities of the same type
> and returns something based on their equality.
> Normally I would in the service use:
> $entity1->getUid() === $entity2->getUid()
> to test the equality.
> How would you go about mocking the two entities to be different? I have
> mocked all the connections to the repositories, so the entities have no
> uid.
> Best regards
> Henrik Rasmussen

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