[TYPO3-mvc] RFC: New comments in FLUID

"Christian Müller (FLOW3 Team)" christian.mueller at typo3.org
Tue Feb 28 15:48:26 CET 2012

Hi Mimi,

for me it has the drawback that you cannot use html comments anymore in 
your templates. There could be reasons you want to keep a comment in the 
final output.

Then I would like a comment VH more that just doesn't render anything.


On 28/02/12 15:16, Michael Knoll wrote:
> Hi there,
> just wanted to ask, what you think about the following idea on how to
> add comments like <!--- ... ---> in Fluid template engine:
> http://mimi.kaktusteam.de/blog-posts/2012/02/fluid-comments/
> A diff is added at the end of the post. Diff is made with Fluid 1.3.0
> Would be nice to get some feedback on this!
> Greez
> Mimi

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