[TYPO3-mvc] No results from FE-User-Repository

Johannes Steu typo at motiv-sport.de
Thu Feb 23 23:17:30 CET 2012


I'm trying to get all User from one fe_groups, so i'm using a UserRepository. 
My groupRepository works fine but i got problems with the UserRepository

The UserRepository:
class Tx_FhdoRequest_Domain_Repository_UserRepository extends Tx_Extbase_Domain_Repository_FrontendUserRepository { }

config.tx_extbase.persistence.classes {
    Tx_FhdoRequest_Domain_Model_Group {
        mapping {
            tableName = fe_groups
    Tx_FhdoRequest_Domain_Model_User {
      mapping {
        tableName = fe_users
        recordType = Tx_Extbase_Domain_Model_FrontendUser

My everything is set up like my GroupRepository witch works fine.
When i'm trying to get a result with $userRepository->findAll(); my Browser loads very long time.
var_dump ouput is like thounsands lines of code, starting with:

object(Tx_Extbase_Persistence_QueryResult)#370 (5) { ["warning":"Tx_Extbase_Persistence_QueryResult":private]=> string(206) "You should never see this warning. 

but i don't get the real user objects.

In the end i need all email adresses from all users of a given group. I made a method to get all Users:

     * @param  $gui Usergroup ID
     * @return array an array of objects
    public function findAllByUserGroup($gui){
       $query = $this->createQuery();
       $query->statement("SELECT * FROM fe_users WHERE usergroup LIKE '%".$gui.",%' OR usergroup LIKE '".$gui."' OR usergroup LIKE '%,".$gui."%'"); 
       return $query->execute();

This Method isn't working right now. It's the same issue like in findAll();

Could anyone please help me out?


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