[TYPO3-mvc] Feed Form with latest values after validation has failed.

Martin Ernst ernst at alto.de
Wed Feb 22 15:41:06 CET 2012


I wrote some own validators that are used to validate whole objects on 
different update controllers. They work as expected: if validation 
fails, the user returns to the form and sees validation errors.

But: the form is prefilled with the old values that were stored in the 
object before editing started. So if the user changes for example three 
values, and one of the changes makes validation fail, then ALL changes 
are gone, the original object's values are shown in the form.

This is very annoying, so I need a way to present the latest input 
values in the form after validation has failed.

The form itself is built with fluid viewhelpers. The fields are bound to 
object propertyies.

Any help is very much appreciated. Greetings

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