[TYPO3-mvc] Frontend links in backend module

Tobias Pinnekamp typo3 at tpinne.de
Wed Feb 22 12:24:31 CET 2012

Hi Sebastian,

Am 22.02.12 12:10, schrieb Sebastian Schreiber:
> i already mentioned my blog post in this list:
> http://blog.schreibersebastian.de/2011/11/frontend-links-im-backend-generieren/
> I would appreciate some feedback.

Thanks for your fast answer. I just looked at your blog post and the 
extension you mentioned there. Despite haven't it tried yet, it seems to 
work perfect for links to normal pages. But I need to call my own 
extbase extension with a controller, action and parameters. Using 
pagepath I think I have to implement all the logic for parameter naming 
conventions myself, which is normally done by extbase for me. And I 
don't want that overhead.

Any other idea?


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