[TYPO3-mvc] getting the arguments of the form?

Stig Nørgaard Færch snf at dkm.dk
Mon Feb 20 14:21:11 CET 2012

Den 20-02-2012 14:13, Bastian Waidelich skrev:
> Stig Nørgaard Færch wrote:
> Hi Stig,
>> I could have input form with the name:
>> tx_myext_user_myextadmin[person][streetName]
>> [...]
>> But is possible to check directly on above input field?
>> [...]
> I'm sure there is a nice solution to what you're trying to achieve. So
> what *are* you trying to achieve? ;)

Yes! And I just found it! :-)

Actually I was just trying to detect if there was a change on a field. 
So I wanted to get the value of that field.

First I thought that $person->getStreetName() would give me what was 
currently saved in repository. But that actually gets me the request value.
Then I found I could get the original value with _getCleanProperty():

if($person->_getCleanProperty('streetName') != $person->getStreetName()) {
// The value has changed

Is this the way?


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