[TYPO3-mvc] Prevent user from submitting a form twice

Claus Due claus at wildside.dk
Mon Feb 20 11:23:35 CET 2012

Hi Steffen,

How about a session lock?


On Feb 20, 2012, at 11:16 AM, Steffen Müller wrote:

> Hi.
> I have a new/createAction for account registration, which is connected
> to a webservice for account management. Users can enter and submit
> account data with a fluid form.
> After data has been submitted, the webservice takes some time to verify
> and process account data. In the meantime users have to wait.
> Unfortunately it appears that users are impatient and hit the submit
> button twice or more often.
> My question is how to prevent submitting the form more than once?
> Beside the usual javascript or redirect-immediately solutions, a unique
> transaction id looks like a solution to me.
> Is this already possible with extbase framework or TYPO3 API? Any other
> ideas how to solve that?
> Thanks.
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> cheers,
> Steffen
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