[TYPO3-mvc] Fluid performance patch backport to 4.5?!

Felix Oertel f at oer.tel
Mon Feb 20 11:11:53 CET 2012

Hey Christian,

Am 12.02.12 11:42, schrieb Christian Kuhn:
> Imho it is very worth backporting this single piece to 4.5: Performance
> improvements are officially allowed backports for LTS.

I am with you ... this would speed up 4.5 without any changes (by the 
user) necassary.

> I'll spend some time on this within the next days and hope to come up
> with a realistic statement on whether or not this backport is do-able.

Yeah, if the master of caching takes a look and talks to the master of 
fluid, what should go wrong? ;)

regards, foertel

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