[TYPO3-mvc] Extbase/FLOW3 Performance

Stefan Frömken firma at sfroemken.de
Mon Feb 20 00:16:24 CET 2012

Hello MVC-Team,

I'm not here to discuss about Extbase is slow. There are enough post in 
the internet discussing about that. Further I know...you're working on it...
We have just started a new project in Extbase/Fluid with over 1,5 
million records. I have never worked with such a mass of records. That's 
way I have read many MySQL-Performance documentations in the internet 
the last weeks.
There are pretty cool settings with MySQL and in my last 6 hours I have 
restarted my MySQL-Server over a houndreds of time. The result? Do you 
want to know the result? It's easy: You got a millisecond here and a 
millisecond there. OK...sometimes I got 10 milliseconds. But in most 
cases the problem is not the database. It's the way how to create a query!

Here is a simple query:

SELECT SUM(nettobetrag) AS nettobetrag FROM myMillionRecordsTable WHERE 
((beleg_datum >= '1293836400' AND beleg_datum <= '1306879200') AND k_nr 
= '1610280') AND pid IN (0);

This query needs 3.6 seconds. But I have to execute similar queries with 
different dates over a houndred times for one view. What do you think 
how long the customer have to wait? Too long.

Creating an Index over k_nr and beleg_datum gives me the result within 6 
Milliseconds. This is much better.
Next try: Creating an Index over k_nr, beleg_datum and nettosumme 
results in 2ms.
Next try: Creating an Index over pid, k_nr, beleg_datum and nettosumme 
results in 0.3ms.

You see: Indexing is very importend, but not new to you. So I will show 
you something more interesting. This is only a good example...not for 
real life:

SELECT * FROM tt_content WHERE sys_language_uid=0 ORDER BY l18n_parent;

EXPLAIN will tell you "Using where; Using filesort". tt_content has 4 
indexes and there are indexes for sys_language as for l18n_parent but 
possible_keys keeps beeing empty.OK...let's try it a second time:

SELECT uid, l18n_parent, sys_language_uid from tt_content where 
sys_language_uid = 0 order by l18n_parent;

Shit: EXPLAIN shows as the same as above. OK...try it a last time:

SELECT l18n_parent, sys_language_uid from tt_content where 
sys_language_uid = 0 order by l18n_parent;

Now EXPLAIN tolds us key=language and "Using where; using index". This 
is pretty importend for Extbase and its system. Extbase always works 
with "SELECT *" and there is no easy possibility to reduce this query to 
less fields for better performance.

For now I have created my own class which extends your storage backend. 
I can define my own fields and my view with over houndreds of queries 
was executed within 2.8 seconds. In the beginning of this project with a 
smaller amount of records the view was finnished in 65seconds.

Indexes are importend and in my opinion you should give the customer the 
possibility to make use of their indexes.


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