[TYPO3-mvc] f:for inside f:for ?

Stig Nørgaard Færch snf at dkm.dk
Wed Feb 15 16:59:00 CET 2012

Den 15-02-2012 16:16, Stefan Neufeind skrev:
> On 02/15/2012 04:05 PM, Stig Nørgaard Færch wrote:
>> I have a Log domain model linked to a Person domain model.
>> So a Person can have multiple Logs attached.
>> In the list view of the Person I would like to be able to fetch the
>> belonging log entries.
>> And it would be even better if I could decide which ones by a custom
>> query. If not, I guess I could limit them by fluid ifs...
>> But, I'm not sure exactly how to do this. Still newbie.
>> But I did this - which doesn't work:
>> **List.html:
>> <f:for each="{persons}" as="person">
>>      <tr>
>>          <td><f:link.action action="show" arguments="{person : person}">
>> {person.fullName}</f:link.action></td>
>>          <td>
>>              <f:for each="{person : logs}" as="log">
>>                  {log.actionName}<br/>
>>              </f:for>
>>          </td>
>>      </tr>
>> </f:for>
> I guess you meant to write
>               <f:for each="{person.logs}" as="log">
> maybe? Is it the logs-property below a person-object?

No - I guess not. I would describe it as the log-object connected to the 
person-object (not sure how to describe it with the right terms :-)

There can be any number of log records(? or should I say objects) for 
each Person.

If I used {person.logs} , wouldn't that just take a property of person?


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