[TYPO3-mvc] Request does not end

Dirk Rauscher dr_typo3 at itb-institut.de
Wed Feb 15 16:34:54 CET 2012

I encounter a strange behaviour in using t3jquery with my extbase extension.

I generate a form whose fields are distributed over 4 Tabs. For that I 
use a jQuery function tabs() in my Fluid Template.

>    jQuery(document).ready(function(){
>       jQuery("#theTabs").tabs();
>    });

On the first call of editAction the form is rendered properly. If the 
form is filled out in an incorrect way and the save button is clicked, 
the updateAction is called. The defined annotations in updateAction 
recognizes a invalid object and calls errorAction. From there 
errorAction returns to the __referrer --> editAction.

So far everything is ok, but instead of ending the request and rendering 
the editAction template, the updateAction is called again!

When I debug request->getArguments() there is nothing in except for the 
keys [action] and [controller].

If I deactivate javascript support in my browser everything's ok and the 
request ends up after errorAction returns to the __referrer.

How can I get rid of this behaviour? Is it a bug?

Any help is gratefully appreciated.


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