[TYPO3-mvc] fluid f:form in backend

Johannes C. Schulz - EnzephaloN IT-Solutions info at enzephalon.de
Wed Feb 15 09:07:51 CET 2012

Yes, the hidden input is there and correct:
<input type="hidden"
The annotation of the backend-controller-action:
 * saves an edited accreditation and sends email
 * @param Tx_PsoaAccredit_Domain_Model_Accreditation $accreditation
public function saveeditedAction(Tx_PsoaAccredit_Domain_Model_Accreditation

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Am 15.02.2012 08:12, schrieb Johannes C. Schulz - EnzephaloN IT-Solutions:
> tx_psoaaccredit_web_psoaaccreditmod
> ule
Have a look in the source code, you should find something like:
<input type="hidden" 
value="###UID_OF_ACCREDITATION###" />

Did you add the annotation to your Controller-Action?

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