[TYPO3-mvc] [RFC] Keeping FLOW3 Compatibility

Helmut Hummel helmut.hummel at typo3.org
Sun Feb 12 12:46:47 CET 2012


On 11.02.12 19:10, Claus Due wrote:

> I suppose if people are having trouble with git or getting into the whole Gerrit logic, slapping on a unit test requirement could demotivate people.

This is not a good argument at all. If people are demotivated forced to 
do the right thing, they should look for a different playground :-P

And if I look at the history of some bugs in TYPO3 which gets "fixed" 
multiple times because each "fix" introduced different other problems, 
I'm sure unittests/ functional tests/ ui tests are the only way to go 
and we should start making them mandatory better today than tomorrow.

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Helmut Hummel
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