[TYPO3-mvc] findAll() with child objects performance

Christian Kuhn lolli at schwarzbu.ch
Thu Feb 9 00:58:41 CET 2012


On 02/01/2012 08:01 AM, Daniel Schöne wrote:
> on top of lazy loading you might want to have a look @ the enetcache extension, with makes the caching framework available to extensions.

thanks for this hint on enetcache :) It is a good choice if you need 
content element based caching and invalidation.

At the moment, enetcache is fully extbase agnostic and there is no magic 
or documented best practice to use enetcache in extbase extensions. That 
does not mean you cannot use it, but if you use the simple frontend API 
of enetcache, you'll still have to take care of tagging, getting and 
setting on your own (in controller, repo and model layers).

Next to our (the enetcache devs) own growing extbase knowledge, we are 
currently getting a lot of external feedback on how a cool API for 
enetcache<->extbase could look like and how it can be done. We can 
imagine a nice annotation based control of enetcache for extbase 
extensions. This will be a major feature of enetcache and we are 
actually taking just the first steps in this direction.


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