[TYPO3-mvc] Property / relation problem

Alexander Dick typo3 at dick.at
Fri Feb 3 10:27:54 CET 2012

Hmmm, now that I am using UIDs there is another problem.

when I submit the form with a selected country, I get the following error:

Exception while property mapping at property path "user.country":Object 
with identity "54" not found.

I did it exactly the same way like all my other relations, which are 

I found that when I set the country field in the database manually to 
"54", the error is gone - but only if I select the country with the ID 
54. As soon as I select another one, the above error appears.

What am I getting wrong here?!


Am 02.02.2012 18:19, schrieb Claus Due:
> Hi Alex,
> Sounds like you could be running into a limitation in Extbase. After checking, it appears that Extbase will not allow any other field to be the UID - other than the field "uid". Perhaps this will help:
> http://forge.typo3.org/issues/25984
> ...although you would have to hack the Extbase core to do that and I'm not sure if there are other adverse effects. There probably are.
> My recommendation: use the UID. The static info tables are... well.. static tables ;)
> --
> Cheers,
> Claus
> http://fedext.net
> On Feb 2, 2012, at 5:25 PM, Alexander Dick wrote:
>> Well, if I add recordType, then my User object is empty.
>> The field record_type does not exist in fe_users, but there is tx_extbase_type and it's populated with Tx_Extbase_Domain_Model_FrontendUser.
>> What would the recordType be for?
>> I also map static_countries:
>>     Tx_Xxx_Domain_Model_StaticCountry {
>>         mapping {
>>             tableName = static_countries
>>         }
>>     }
>> The problem is supposedly that extbase does not know that I want to map the country property to the cn_iso_2 column of the static_countries table as I am not defining this anywhere since I dont have a TCA config for my User model.
>> kind regards
>> Alex
>> Am 02.02.2012 17:09, schrieb Claus Due:
>>>> PS: As soon as I add recordType it breaks completely.
>>> Define "breaks completely"? ;) any error messages to consider or just a big black hole of nothing (empty page)?
>>> I assume the record type field is added to SQL/TCA OK? Unfortunately I'm not really comfortable with the inner workings of the object-to-table mapping in Extbase - but really, I would expect an error message to be visible somewhere.
>>> Last question for this email :) do you have a mapping statement for the static_info_country table that says "map to Tx_Xxx_Domain_Model_StaticCountry"? This would also be required.
>>> --
>>> Cheers,
>>> Claus
>>> http://fedext.net
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