[TYPO3-templavoila] v6.0 and future plans

Tolleiv Nietsch tolleiv.nietsch at typo3.org
Fri Sep 28 08:53:59 CEST 2012


just to confirm it, I'm planning to release a compatible version for 
6.0. And I will do this for the upcoming TYPO3 versions too - at least 
as long as there's no proper replacement.

There will NOT be a newly written TV 2.0 or anything - but it will be 
kept compatible with the upcoming versions.

Now you might wonder why I think that extbase/fluid or gridelements are 
no proper replacement - imho that's basically because they lack support 
for some major TYPO3 features like workspaces or localization. This 
might be fine for small projects but it isn't for big ones.

Regarding Phoenix: who knows, it's of course possible port TV over to 
phoenix, but it's clear that there's a high demand for an easy to use 
templating enging.


Den Denyer schrieb:
> Hi list,
> Wondering if there is any discussion anywhere about plans for the future
> of TV and its presence in TYPO3 v6 (And potentially phoneix?) and, if
> so, where one can find it to read?
> There's a lot of talk about Fluid templating at the moment, but the "Use
> a base HTML file as the mapping basis for the template" approach of TV
> is incredibly useful, it would be a shame to have to return to dealing
> with 100's of template fragments as seems the way for Fluid templating.
> Kind regards,
> Denyer

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