[TYPO3-templavoila] FCE: edit in new FCE field is not being saved

Thomas Sattler blueworm01 at gmx.net
Sun Jan 15 22:26:05 CET 2012

I created a new FCE in TV. I'm using Sections and Containers to be able 
to create several content-paragraphs by just clicking "new 

On a page-element, within the FCE I can click "new paragraph-element" 
and can enter a headline, and can create several paragraphs which I can 
fill with text.

The problem I am having is, that only the headline is saved.
Whatever I write in the paragraph content-field is lost...

I recreated the FCE, still the same...
On my local text-environment, it works just fine...

Where would I need to check for a solution?
A db problem? Though, everything else works fine.

TV version: 1.4.3
Typo3 version: 4.3.3

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