[TYPO3-templavoila] additional field in FCE

Thomas Gabler Thomas.Gabler at gmx.de
Mon Jul 25 18:26:35 CEST 2011

Hello Ron,

> In this instance, I do not believe you want to follow the approach Kay gave. This would change the DS within the extension which would be blown out again on the next update of the extension. It is the way to do it normally but not when the DS is in an extension.
> If you truly need a new field then you can copy the DS and treat it as a separate DS/FCE and located where you would normally put them.
> Changing the rendering of the TS is not a big issue as local processing can be used to override the default rendering of the framework.
> But let me know what you need the field for and for which FCEs as there might be other ways to approach it.

I need an additional field for selection for the single module (see my first try below).
The class for module body should be extended similar to class moduleBodyBleed.

moduleBodyClass1 = moduleBody moduleBodyBleed moduleBodyLayout<selected value>

	<field_module_1_layout type="array">
		<tx_templavoila type="array">
			<sample_data type="array">
				<numIndex index="0"></numIndex>
		<TCEforms type="array">
			<config type="array">
				<items type="array">
					<numIndex index="0" type="array">
						<numIndex index="0">Layout 1</numIndex>
						<numIndex index="1">0</numIndex>
					<numIndex index="1" type="array">
						<numIndex index="0">Layout 2</numIndex>
						<numIndex index="1">1</numIndex>
					<numIndex index="3" type="array">
						<numIndex index="0">Layout 3</numIndex>
						<numIndex index="1">2</numIndex>

Thanks a lot,

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