[TYPO3-templavoila] drag and drop link elements in FCE: not saved

Lee Perry leeperry at slack.de
Mon Jul 11 12:28:38 CEST 2011

Hi Andreas,

please see my answers below ...

Am 11.07.2011 11:55, schrieb Andreas Kiessling:
> that's probably a JS error. Any messages from Firebug?

I don't think so, because the javascript action (drag and drop or 
deleteing) works fine - there is no JavaScript error. But after saving 
the FCE the changes by drag and drop or deleting a section element will 
not be make.

> By "link elements" you mean sections? The form is not rendered by TV,
> that is all handled from T3 core. AFAIR templavoila only adds js to the
> page module to enable drag and drop.
> Quick guess: are there any RTE instances in the form?

No, there is no instance of a RTE.

> You could try to clone the current git version from 4.5 and check if the
> error occurs there too.

Okay, I can try this on the next step ...

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